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The name for my business was so simple to come up with because it is true! I really do love wine! I was introduced to wine by my uncle who was at that time a celebrated master of wine. His passion for wine and winemaking was infectious, it is from here that my passion has flowed, and I have of course made the most of it, so much so that I now have this business to further my desire to improve everyone’s wine drinking experience.

Why drink unaerated wine I ask? With the simplicity of the Vinaera there is no reason or excuse not to aerate your wine or spirits for that matter. Breathing air into your wine is about making your drinking experience better and more enjoyable!

I have a strong belief that everyone should get the most out of their wine, and that the most effective way to do that is to aerate your wine with the Vinaera. It’s so simple, quick and easy!

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