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Aerate White Wine

White Wine Aeration

Do you need to aerate white wine? Most people are familiar with the concept of letting red wine breathe, or more efficiently aerating it by other means, but many are unsure as to whether white wine needs aerating, particularly as they generally contain fewer bitter tannins. However, white wine can benefit from aeration just as…

Aerating Whiskey

aerating whiskey

Aerating Whiskey You may have already read about the benefits of aerating your wine, both red and white wine aeration, but did you know you can also use an aerator to enhance the flavours of whiskey and other spirits? Whiskey decanters are just as popular as wine decanters – if not more so. Why? For the benefits…

Why Aerate Your Wine?

Why Aerate Wine?

Why Aerate Wine? To the uninitiated, wine aeration may not seem worth the effort. But those in the know understand that it makes all the difference – and also that it needn’t take any effort at all… What is Aeration? Aeration is simply the process of bringing air into contact with something, in this case…