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Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator

Congratulations on choosing the most effective wine aerator.
You can look forward to enjoying delicious wine time and time again and impressing your guests with its stylish design and ease of use. Or why not give it as a gift for the wine lover in your life?

• More than 6x the aeration of funnel style aerators
• The world’s fastest breathing process at 114ml every 8 seconds
• Creates deliciously smooth and aromatic wine
• One touch bottle to glass dispensing
• Leaves sediment behind in the bottle
• Use on red wine, white wine, whisky and other spirits
• The perfect gift for wine lovers

Why aerate your wine? Discover the benefits.

Purchase with 6 AAA Batteries?


The Most Effective

The patented Vinaera creates more than six times the aeration compared to funnel style wine aerators.

The Most Delicious Wine

Maximum wine to air contact provides optimal oxidisation to smooth and soften bitter tannins like no other aerator.

The Fastest

At 114ml every 8 seconds, the Vinaera gives the world’s fastest breathing process. So why wait?

The Smoothest Drinking

Any naturally occurring sediment is left behind in the bottle giving you nothing but perfectly pure wine.

The Most Elegant Design

One touch bottle to glass dispensing is simple, convenient and drip-free.

Aerate Red and White Wine

No need to buy separate aerators – the Vinaera opens up both red and white wines and is really easy to clean.

Works on Whisky Too

It’s not just the flavours of wine than can be enhanced by aeration. Whisky and other spirits can also be improved.

The Finest Quality

As soon as you put your hands on the beautifully made Vinaera you know you’ve got a quality product you’ll be proud to show off to guests.

The Most Thoughtful Gift

Know someone who loves wine or whisky? Or struggling to buy for the man who has everything? The Vinaera makes the most unusual present, especially for the hard to buy for men in your life.