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Aerating Whiskey

Aerating Whiskey

You may have already read about the benefits of aerating your wine, both red and white wine aeration, but did you know you can also use an aerator to enhance the flavours of whiskey and other spirits?

Whiskey decanters are just as popular as wine decanters – if not more so. Why? For the benefits of aeration – pouring spirits from the bottle into a larger vessel exposes the alcohol to air both during pouring and while it sits in the bottle. Likewise, spirits such as whiskey and brandy are served as a small amount in a large glass to allow the drinker to swirl the alcohol around in the glass without spilling. If you drink whiskey we’re sure you will have done the ‘swirl and sniff’ – the swirling is actually a primitive form of aeration, allowing oxygen to come into contact with more of the liquid and releasing a little more of the aromas of the alcohol to enhance the drinking experience.

Decanting and swirling both bring some of the taste benefits of aeration, but neither method aerates as effectively as a proper aerator – the most effective method is to use an electronic spirit aerator.

A premium whisky drinking experience

Aerating your whisky wakes up new depths of flavour hidden within the spirit, whilst simultaneously mellowing any harsher edges for a really smooth and delicious drinking experience. Inexpensive bottles of blended whiskey and bourbon reveal new and more complex flavours for a more delicious tipple. Ever received a bottle of whiskey that’s got too much of a kick for your liking? You might be surprised at the difference aerating alcohol like this makes. Particularly if you like to drink whiskey neat, you may experience an unpleasant ‘burn’ sensation that detracts from the pleasure of the spirit; aerating, be it Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey or bourbon, will soften that ‘burn’ for a more mellow drink.

Spirit aerator or wine aerator?

So you want to experience the benefits of aerating your whiskey, port, brand or other spirit. Fantastic! You won’t regret it. Do you need a dedicated spirit aerator just for these types of alcohol? The answer is no – a wine aerator will do the job perfectly. And for spirits even more so than wine, it’s really worth investing in a beautifully made electronic wine aerator such as the Vinaera. Plastic funnels do not aerate as effectively and can be both unsightly and splashy. The Vinaera electronic alcohol aerator allows you to dispense the perfect amount of whisky into your glass without wasting a precious drop. Thanks to the stunning and tactile craftsmanship it really does enhance your dispensing as well as your drinking experience; if whisky is your pleasure then why not enhance that pleasure as much as you can? Thanks to its luxurious feel, the Vinaeara also makes a wonderfully unique gift for whisky lovers.